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Extermination of the Jews in Latvia - salīdzināt visus piedāvājumus

9789934800306 - Rabbi Menachem Barkahan: Extermination of the Jews in Latvia
Rabbi Menachem Barkahan (?):

Extermination of the Jews in Latvia (2008) (?)

ISBN: 9789934800306 (?) vai 9934800306, Nezināma valoda, Brošēta grāmata, Izmantot

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A collection of lectures and essays including the most recent scholarship and research relating to the history of the Holocaust in Latvia. This book is not only essential reading for teachers and those concerned with the issue of Holocaust denial, but also a moving account for the general reader interested in the history of World War II. Includes more than 90 illustrations. Paperback, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2008